Arthur Jaffe

The remarriage of mathematics with theoretical physics over the past forty years has markedly realigned the perspective in both these classical subjects.

The spirit of unification which dominated science during the latter half of the twentieth century enables one to dream of greater understanding in the twenty-first.

Inspiring talented youth to pursue mathematics and science, while maintaining a robust, diverse, and enduring infrastructure for research, represents our best investment to create a prosperous, healthy, and harmonious world.

Main research activity from September 2017: participating in and directing The Mathematical Picture Language Project at Harvard. Note postdoctoral position.

von Neumann Plaque, Budapest 2003

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Quantum Yang-Mills Theory
by Arthur Jaffe and Edward Witten
September 2004 version
View PDF File

The Millennium Grand Challenge in Mathematics
by Arthur Jaffe
Notices of the AMS, June-July 2006
Alain Connes and Arthur Jaffe on 24 May 2000 at the Collège de France in Paris, where Arthur announced the $7million Millennium Prize in Mathematics

Quantum Theory and Relativity
Contemporary Mathematics, Vol 449, 2008

Mathematical Picture Language Program
PNAS January 2018

Making Math More Lego Like
Harvard Gazette March 2017

Math Picture Language Project
Harvard University

Nine Lessons of my Teacher
IAMP Bulletin April 2013

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